Milestone: 10,000 units Vertical Machining Center rolled off the production line of Taikan in 2021 year

Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully rolled off the Create Century Dongguan production base in 2021. Director LuoBangchun, the person in charge of the Dongguan production base, organized the offline ceremony. This off-line ceremony signifies that Taikanhas successfully reached its annual production goal of 10,000unitsvertical machining center in 2021. This is after Taikan Drilling and Tapping machine series products, Taikanannual output of another machine tool category has successfully exceeded "10,000". National TaikanUniversity Pass.
As a service provider of high-end intelligent equipment overall solutions, Create Century Machinery is committed to technological innovation and provides customers with cost-effective and high-quality machine tools.In 2021, Create Century has withstood the pressure of rising machine tool raw materials, parts and components prices, and resource shortages, and scheduled production at full load to meet market needs.
In order to increase production capacity, Create Century Dongguan production base will be officially put into use in 2021. Up to now, the company has accumulated sales throughout the year, which is only one step away from 10,000 units. Among them, the continued hot selling of star products plays a vital role.
Taikan’s star model T-V856S vertical machining center, components are all international first-line brand components, because of its ultra-high configuration and real materials, and continue to be affirmed by customers, it has become the industry’s super explosive for two consecutive years.The demand for production capacity has increased year after year.
In addition to T-V856S, TaikanT-V1165S vertical machining center is another hot product. It has the same ultra-high configuration and actual materials as T-V856S, and because of its larger three-axis stroke and larger processing range, it is more favored by customers with larger workpiece processing needs.
Vertical Machining Center 10,000 units is another milestone in the development history of Taikan Precision Machinery, and it is a new starting point for Taikan Precision Machinery to move into the future. Under the guidance of the "high-quality, cost-effective" brand concept,Create Century is committed to becoming "a global outstanding high-end intelligent equipment overall solution service provider" and writing a new chapter in the development of China's machine tools in the new era!